About Us

Welcome to Manisha Bharani’s web site, a place to learn, recreate awesome recipes but most importantly to create some special and unique memories with your loved ones when you try out our recipes. Some of the most unique dishes and cuisines can be found here. As for those who don’t know Manisha Bharani, she has been in this profession for 18+ years now. With so much time spent in teaching and trying out new dishes you’ll never fail to be amazed at the innovation here. We strive to help you when you begin and continually helping you to improve. Turning you from
novice to an expert with the help of our simple tricks & tips. Through this web site we aim to help people from every spectrum, be it a passion driven chef or a passionate housewife, or to even those who want to nurture their cooking hobbies. All to be guided under one web site maximising our outreach to all of our beloved fans and avid viewers.


Some of the specialities of Manisha Bharani are in the following fields
Cakes and Icing
Alternative Vegetarian Dishes
Unique and trendy Dishes
Special fest recipes
Instant Premixes
Low-cost alternatives
Kitchen Life Hacks
Super fast 2, 3 and 5 minute recipes
Starters to Desserts (All course meals!) and many more